Archive storage and management

Archive storage and management

An archive can take up a lot of space in your office. In addition, some premises may be too expensive or not always safe due to their location. Van Riemsdijk Top Movers offers the solution to this problem: a secured and heated storage space for your archive.

Safe and modern storage at Van Riemsdijk Removals

Van Riemsdijk Removals moves your archives from the office to a secure and heated storage facility that has the latest technology. If desired, your archives can be digitized so that they can be located quickly and easily through an automatic system. In this way Van Riemsdijk Removals offers optimal archive management. Your storage space is continuously secured and kept at temperature. This way we can always guarantee safe storage of your archive. Van Riemsdijk Removals understands that a high degree of privacy is involved when it comes to archive management.

Should you decide after a certain period of time that your old archive needs to be destroyed, Van Riemsdijk Removals will ensure that this happens in a discrete manner. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Van Riemsdijk Removals for digital storage

Van Riemsdijk Removals can support you with digital storage of your archive. Digital storage saves space and time. In a digital archive, you can easily retrieve and view your documents at any time, and also have them burned to CD-ROM. Again, Van Riemsdijk Removals takes into account the privacy of you and your employees.

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