Moving ICT

In an office removal these days you also have to deal with the removal of automation equipment. Van Riemsdijk Top Movers is specialized in office removals and everything that comes with it, including moving ICT.

Have your ICT equipment moved by a team of specialists

In an ICT relocation it is important to be supported by people with experience in ICT. Our employees have this knowledge. At Van Riemsdijk Top Movers you can rely on a specialist team.

They are not only experienced in disconnecting and connecting the cabling of CPU cases, monitors, keyboards and other equipment, but also know exactly how best to pack and transport the fragile and especially valuable equipment. All equipment is placed in sturdy plastic computer boxes and flat screens in specially designed flat screen sleeves.

Based on your requirements, our specialists will draw up a plan with you prior to the relocation for the entire relocation of the ICT, including the times of disconnection and connection of this vital equipment.

Cable Management

Computer systems must be disconnected and connected efficiently so that they can be put to use quickly at the new location. The subsequent use of cable management organises the cables under your workstation. This not only creates a calm working environment but also offers advantages in terms of cleaning, maintenance, etc.

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