Moving of art

Moving art is all about craftsmanship. Art objects are often very vulnerable, unique and therefore irreplaceable. It requires a lot of knowledge, experience and care and at Van Riemsdijk Topmovers you are at the right address.

Special approach to moving art

As an EPV certified moving company, Van Riemsdijk Removals is highly skilled in moving art. Our Art Handlers always work carefully and understand that art objects are not only valuable but especially precious to the owner. Each art object therefore requires its own and specific treatment. We pack the objects "large or small, expensive or precious" in special customized cases and we communicate the entire moving process of the objects concerned clearly to the client, so you can let us do our job with peace of mind.

Accurate transport or storage of art objects

Van Riemsdijk is skilled and very precise when it comes to transporting or moving art objects. We transport the art objects with air suspended, secured and conditioned moving vans. We take into account the climatic variations between your location and the moving van so that we keep the climate difference to a minimum.

Before we transport the art object, we determine the total value of the object to be insured. In consultation with you and our insurers, we determine the best insurance for this.

Do you want to store your art instead of moving it? Van Riemsdijk Top Movers also offers possibilities for the storage of your art. We have several storage locations where you can have your art objects stored safely and under the best conditions.

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