Moving safely during the Corona period

Moving safely during the Corona period

Of course it is desirable to have your move carried out safely during the Corona period. Every move will therefore be carried out in accordance with the RIVM guidelines. Van Riemsdijk | Amsterdam Removals also offers you, as a certified Mover, additional safety measures. The purpose of this is to ensure your health and that of our movers.

Executive phase:

During the move deployment, our movers, guarantee the most optimal safety when it comes to Corona safe moving. We give you the opportunity to be absent during the move. This way you will meet the mover during the receiving and departing moment. The foreman remains in full (telephonic) contact and informs you about the progress and driving times. As an Accredited Organization we apply a number of additional rules / guidelines, with the aim of optimizing safety for all persons. The following rules and requirements apply:

  • Are we going to move you? Then you will receive a control message in advance, with the purpose of checking your health and having it confirmed
  • Our movers are 'visibly' checked, questioned and in case of doubt checked by means of the certified PCR test, before they are allowed to participate in the moving team.
  • We guarantee that the mover, not with more than 2 persons, is in 1 vehicle
  • The mover receives a 'new set' of Covid-19 protection with each move deployment
  • Make sure our movers can wash their hands regularly with soap and water, both at the current location and at the new location
  • Designate a regular contact person who communicates content with the foreman on the moving team
  • Keep one and a half feet away from the movers, they will apply this as well
  • Do not invite friends, colleagues or family during the (project) move
  • Use disposable cups whenever possible, so movers can drink coffee safely

Quotation phase:

We strive to make an inventory of every (project) move by means of a (no-obligation) move inventory. We can imagine, however, that a physical meeting for this purpose will not be desirable in this period. Therefore we now also offer the possibility to plan a digital viewing. One of our accredited removal advisors will look through your location step-by-step, via so-called "video calling", to determine the volumes that can be moved. On the basis of this digital viewing, you will receive the removal quote without obligation.

A physical visit to your location is still possible, taking into account the applicable RIVM guidelines. One of our removal advisors wears a standard mask and checks on entry whether your (home or work) situation permits the safe execution of the 'inventory of the removal volume'. Unfortunately the Recognised Relocation Advisor does not shake hands with you and therefore keeps an appropriate distance. On the basis of this physical inspection you will receive the moving quotation without any obligation.

We will be pleased to inform you further if any questions arise or if you would like to speak to one of our accredited moving consultants. Would you like to receive a moving quote without obligation? Then please let us know how you would like to receive one of our removal advisers. Request here your moving quote!
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