Mover Amsterdam

There is always a lot involved in a move; packing, lugging, transporting and not to mention all the hassle surrounding moving to a new address. To make your move as smooth as possible, you can use the movers Amsterdam of Van Riemsdijk Movers.

Mover Amsterdam

The mover Amsterdam can take a lot of work off your hands. It's wise to inquire early on with our moving company about what exactly we can do for each other. For example, did you know that we do much more than just lugging and transporting?

mover Amsterdam

Extra service

So in addition to the usual service, our mover Amsterdam at Van Riemsdijk Removals offers numerous other services as an extra service. From help with packing and unpacking, to a full disassembly and reassembly service. You can even leave jobs such as hanging lamps, minor repairs or delivering a room to the experienced professionals of our Handyman service. We also have our own storage service available for things such as temporary storage of household effects. This includes the possibility of collection and delivery of goods.

Whether you opt for a "full service move" or just the dismantling, transporting and reassembling of a few pieces of furniture in the right place, the mover Amsterdam can serve you and always delivers professional work to your satisfaction.

Van Riemsdijk Movers

As a true family business, we have been in the moving business for over eighty years. Those years bring with them a lot of experience, which comes in handy for all types of moves that come our way. Our highest priority is delivering quality, which we can guarantee through our skilled staff.

Business and private

In both the private and business markets, we are at home in all markets and no removal assignment is too crazy for us. As a moving company we have everything in house, both in terms of personnel and equipment, to carry out the most complex or large removals with flying colors. Specialist removals such as archives, art collections or other more complex items are also in our hands.

Assured success

We deliver quality and therefore like to see satisfied customers. Moreover, all removals performed by us are automatically insured. Van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen is a recognized removal company for both private and business removals. As a moving company, we hold all certificates such as ISO 9001, VCA and ISO 14001. This guarantees that we meet all environmental, quality and safety requirements that apply within our profession.

Help with your move

Are you going to moving and considering enlisting the help of our aides? Then contact us as soon as possible to discuss all the possibilities. It will save you a lot of hassle, time, work and stress!