Rental of moving materials

Rental of moving materials

Van Riemsdijk Removals has a rental depot for moving materials. We like to think along with you and offer the best solution. Think for example of our special (possibly) lockable archive boxes that transport all your confidential files and are fully compliant with the current AVG legislation. All our relocatable materials are fully recyclable and are based on each object or department that will be relocated (i.e.: computers, screens, paintings, office contents and archive).

Van Riemsdijk Removals provides a complete, comprehensive and free-of-charge materials management system, so that you as the client are in control of the quantities, locations and rental periods. In case of a longer rental period, you will receive a monthly report on the rented materials and the specified reference to the departments using them.

Every moving project is researched and inventoried in advance for this packaging requirement. Besides the plastic packaging materials, we also supply removal or archive boxes on loan or for sale. Our advice on the use of all materials will always be based on the most (economic) efficient way of renting for you as a customer.

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