Packing and unpacking

Packing and unpacking

Van Riemsdijk Removals is increasingly offering the so-called 'full' service. This additional service provides clients, in addition to moving and transporting the inventory, with packing and (optionally) unpacking of all contents.

For private moves, these additional services are usually scheduled a day in advance, so the homeowners are served on all fronts and no work is expected of them. The use of moving and book boxes is standard and are loaned and taken by the moving staff.

For business (project) removals, these services are planned in the same way, however, due to the often larger volumes, the planning is more extensive (in consultation). The use of boxes will here be combined more often with the so-called 'meter trays' and/or plastic volume crates.

Both options are part of this service 'packing and unpacking'. Of course it is also possible to choose only 'packing'. This will leave the unpacking to the client. If this option is chosen, the packaging materials will be collected again at a later time.

  • Clini Clowns
  • authorised movers
  • Certified project movers