Handyman-plus service

Handyman-plus service

After moving house, it is often the intention to leave the premises ready for use. This can still involve a lot of work, while you would much rather be dealing with your new premises. Van Riemsdijk's Handyman-Plus service can relieve you of all your worries after you have left your old place.

We will take all the tasks off your hands. For example, we will remove the floors and wallpaper, fill up the holes in the walls and other related jobs. We ensure that your old building is left behind ready for delivery.

No need to worry

The Handyman-plus service can be extended to Facility services, where after the move all small maintenance to the (rented) building can be done by Van Riemsdijk. For more information please see the page Facility services.

  • Clini Clowns
  • authorised movers
  • Certified project movers