Healthcare facility

Relocation of healthcare facilities

Van Riemsdijk Removals has a lot of experience in moving healthcare institutions and understands that this requires peace, comfort and overview. First of all, we are dealing with the patients and employees and not just with goods. The relocation of a care institution therefore requires a special approach.

Important in care removals: calmness and clarity

The relocation of a healthcare facility begins with proper preparation. Communication and coordination are important conditions for a carefree move. That is why we want to have your wishes and requirements clearly in mind, so that we can draw up a clear and detailed relocation plan. We take the time to inform all parties involved of the relocation plans so that they know exactly what is going to happen. Clarity is important in a healthcare move. We want to avoid taking residents/patients by surprise. In addition to clarity, tranquility is important. We want to disturb residents, patients and staff as little as possible. A care removal should go unnoticed. With an experienced removal company like Van Riemsdijk Top Movers, you can count on peace of mind and clarity.

PVV seal of approval as a guarantee of quality

Van Riemsdijk Removals has been in the removal business for many years and knows how to carry out a proper removal. Besides our years of experience, our PPV quality mark serves as a guarantee for the quality of our services. Do you want to know what Van Riemsdijk Removals can do for your healthcare facility? Feel free to contact us contact Please contact our staff. They will be happy to inform you.

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