Project and office removals

Project and office removals are a lot bigger in size and carry more risks than household removals. Van Riemsdijk Top Movers is experienced in organizing project and office removals. As a PVV certified removal company, we guarantee proper handling of your project or office removal, regardless of its size.

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Proper preparation for your project and office move

Only a well-prepared project and office move goes smoothly. Prior to the move, a removal specialist will sit down with you to go through all the possibilities with you. Your wishes are of great importance. On the basis of this meeting we will draw up a plan of action so that we can execute your move with the greatest possible care.

Van Riemsdijk Top Movers works with digital inventory, an efficient way to optimize logistical and administrative processes. This digitalization provides a clear view on procedures, prices and quality levels, which translates into competitive quotations that are fully customized.

Extra service for your project and office relocation

Service is a high priority at Van Riemsdijk Removals. Only by offering good service can we unburden you in the moving process. We therefore offer extra services outside the moving process such as:

  • Disconnecting and connecting PC units,
  • Cable management,
  • Handyman,
  • And more...

In this way, we can support you from start to finish. Whatever you hire us for, we always work carefully and efficiently.

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  • Certified project movers