Purchase and sale of circular (office) furniture

Purchase and sale of circular (office) furniture

Van Riemsdijk Removals attaches great importance to sustainable business practices. We not only look at the efficiency of our efforts for our customers. We like to think along with the sale of any leftover furniture. When moving an office or project, we increasingly see that furniture, which will still be in good condition for many years of use, no longer moves with us. Donating it to a good cause, transporting it abroad and offering a donation to a local school, or selling (part of) this furniture now belongs to the possibilities.

Van Riemsdijk Removals has a circular network, with which they are in daily contact, in order to sell/donate this furniture. Depending on the type and current state of the furniture, a construction will usually be found, where one of the buyers, in case of interest and prior agreement, picks up the items and can deliver the location empty.

In addition to purchasing/processing this furniture, in cooperation with usually local circular partners, we also offer sales of any kind of furniture. The dynamic stock of this furniture, will change almost monthly. Please ask your contact person and/or project leader about the possibilities. Besides the sustainable aspect, you will also benefit from the purchase value and contribute to the circular life cycle of the product.

This phase of the move will usually be planned afterwards and is therefore part of one of the moving services within van Riemsdijk Removals

  • Clini Clowns
  • authorised movers
  • Certified project movers