Archives and Libraries

Moving of archives and libraries

Van Riemsdijk Removals has extensive experience in moving archives and libraries. The OBA, Amsterdam Public Library, on the Oosterdokskade, see homepage, is a good example. 30 kilometers of books, including packing and unpacking, moved within 10 days.

Van Riemsdijk Removals works with the right materials and people

Archive and/or library moves are often large projects and is an extremely precise job. Working with a clear plan of action is therefore essential. Based on your requirements and wishes, our project managers will draw up a Plan of Action with you. This not only describes what is going to happen, but also when and where archive documents will be placed. This creates a clear moving process and you know exactly where the collection is located.

Van Riemsdijk Removals works with the right materials and people to make sure your archive and/or library move runs smoothly. Working with good materials is extremely important. Van Riemsdijk Removals uses specific packing materials, such as meter boxes and interior boxes, to carefully pack and move the books and documents.

Storage and Management

Do you want to store your archive permanently or temporarily? Here too, Van Riemsdijk Top Movers can be of service to you. We offer secure and conditioned storage locations that you can find all over the country. In addition to moving and storage, you can also hire Van Riemsdijk Top Movers to manage your archive. Our services range from cleaning up, getting ready or locating records. We can also have the documents delivered and picked up again or send them by e-mail.

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  • authorised movers
  • Certified project movers