(Archive) storage

(Archive) storage

Every organization often has an obligation to keep business records. This retention period is fixed and obligatory for each branch. Van Riemsdijk | Top Movers monitors these obligations and has offered a number of solutions for this. All solutions take place in our own depots and are monitored 24/7.

When your organization is looking for (temporary) storage, you have come to the right place at van Riemsdijk | Top Movers. This may be because you want to make the existing archive more accessible, or because you want to reduce the space it currently occupies. Van Riemsdijk | Top Movers makes use of so-called 'static or dynamic' storage.

In addition, van Riemsdijk | Top Movers has a container terminal, where your other storage needs are always heard. Depending on the type, volume and desire, we offer containers as well as crates. Are you going to rebuild or do you wish to temporarily store your current furniture for sale? Even then we offer the solutions in cooperation with our circular network.

In addition to the storage facilities, we offer the full logistics warehouse solution. This can start with 'order picking', full or partial 'assembly', and / or separate logistics solutions for your goods. Van Riemsdijk | Top Movers maintains fully secured and conditioned locations in and around Amsterdam.

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