About Van Riemsdijk

About Van Riemsdijk

Family business Van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen has been active in the field of relocations for over eighty years. We serve both business and private customers. Our focus is on delivering quality and high customer satisfaction.

We guarantee quality by, among other things, employing a permanent crew of good personnel, with an average of over 20 years of service.

In addition, we are an accredited moving company. Moreover, we are in possession of the necessary certificates, such as VCA, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This means that we meet all quality, environmental and safety requirements.

As a moving company, we not only operate nationwide but also provide services on an international level.

No move too crazy for us!

We have had the opportunity to move quite a few big names in the past. We have the capacity and the equipment to handle even the largest removal jobs.

Your move is automatically insured with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I save on an international move?

Using a combination move allows you to save on an international move. An international move takes place over a longer distance than a domestic move. Thus, several household effects are moved at the same time, requiring only one trip, sail or flight.

2What are the costs of moving?

For a domestic move, the average cost is between € 1.000,- and € 1.500,-. You can also disassemble and pack your belongings yourself which can save you on average about € 200,- to € 300,- euro.

The above amounts are average as each move differs in moving costs. This is simply due to the various factors on which the price depends. These include;

- The relocation package
- Travel distance of the move
- Additional relocation costs
3Why choose a moving company?

Moving companies take work out of your hands. The main reasons are still;

- You do not need to ask for help from family members and/or friends
- You will of course save time if you use a moving company
- Moving companies have experienced movers

It is always nice to be able to move without worries. There is of course a lot involved in a move, but thanks to a moving company you have less to worry about. Everything can virtually be arranged for you by the specialized movers.

  • Clini Clowns
  • authorised movers
  • Certified project movers