2-man distribution

2-Man Distribution

We use 2-man distribution when you want to move larger furniture, such as a sofa or a large cabinet. The driver alone is not capable of loading and unloading these heavy or large pieces of furniture and so we send an extra manpower along for the ride.

This way you have nothing to worry about and your goods are moved from A to B with the greatest care. Your belongings are automatically insured by us, so you have nothing to worry about. Our professionals are reliable and always work carefully.

Furniture transport

If you do not have an entire move ahead of you, but only want to move a single item of furniture, we can of course also be of service. For a job like this, the 2-man distribution is of course ideal.

Whether you have bought a new piece of furniture and want to have it moved to your home, or whether you want to have a piece of furniture temporarily transported to storage, for example. Everything is possible. We focus on quality and move your goods to your complete satisfaction.

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