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Van Riemsdijk Movers Privacy & Cookie Statement

Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. That's why we protect any personal information you provide to us. You can find out how we use and process your personal information and how we use cookies here.

We collect three types of data through our platform. First, the legal basis for processing personal information is that processing is necessary for the provision of our services. We may also process data if you have given your consent and, when appropriate, asked for it.

Van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen offers online the possibility to request a removal order through its website. In the future, these services may also be offered through other online platforms, such as partner websites and social media. The information below applies to all platforms. Van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen may update the Privacy and Cookies from time to time, so please visit this page regularly to stay informed. If you do not agree with these Privacy and Cookies terms, we advise you not to use our services.

When you start requesting moving quotes, you will be asked to provide your name, starting and ending address, moving date and items that need to be moved. This information is needed so that the sales department can offer an appraisal appointment based on it. Your phone number, name and email address are also requested, these are only shared internally to the planning department, for the purpose of setting the appraisal date. Even after the offer is offered, this information will be used so the sales department can review the offer with you. This is necessary due to the complex nature of a move. Also, the details of the move, such as the final date or additional inventory you still need to specify, can be discussed then.

When you visit our website we may collect certain information, such as your IP address, which browser you are using, your language settings and pages (on our website) that have been shown to you. In addition, we may receive information when you use certain social media

Why does van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen collect, use and share your personal information?
Quote Request: First, we use your personal information to complete your online request for a moving quote and forward this information internally to the department responsible for it.

Reviews: We would like to invite you to leave a review, at the time van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen handled the move and delivered the aftercare. Also, in the future we may ask you to review our platform and service, so we can make improvements and address any complaints immediately.
Other Communications: There may be other times when we may get in touch with you via email, mail, phone or text message. This depends on the contact information you share with us and the requests you have made to van Riemsdijk Removals. There can be a number of reasons for this:
- We may need to respond to requests or questions you have made.
- If you have used our services, we may send you a survey or invite you to write a review at www.klantenvertellen.nl about your experience with van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen
- If you have not completed your application online, we may send an email or call with a reminder to continue with your application, possibly with assistance from us. We think this service is useful because it allows you to possibly continue with your
- We may also send you other information related to your request or booking.
- Whenever different services are offered by Van Riemsdijk Removals, it is possible that you will be informed about them by email, telephone, text message or by post.
Fraud Detection and Prevention: We may use personal information to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities.

Improving our services: Finally, we use personal information for analytical purposes, to improve our services, to enhance the user experience, and to improve the functionality and quality of our online booking services.

How long does van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen keep your data?
Van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen only retains application data (such as; postal code, city, province, country, name, e-mail address and telephone number) for an indefinite period of time so that you may use one of Van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen's services again in the future and benefit from additional loyalty components.

How does van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen use 'the social media'?
We use social media to promote, share and facilitate our services and experiences. The information you indicate you want to share with us may be basic information available for any social media profile, email address, status updates and your friends list. This information is necessary to provide a unique user experience on our website. In the future, these may be personalized to ultimately meet your needs even more.

How does van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen share your information with third parties?

In certain circumstances, we may need to share your personal information with third parties.
The move you confirmed: In order to complete your move we need to send relevant reservation information to insurers, certain affiliated departments and/or other parties required to facilitate the service from van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen. This may include your name, all information about the move and the preferences you have indicated for the move deployment such as move date and time. Also other details like applying for a parking permit will go in combination with the departure of your data.
This information can also be used by van Riemsdijk Removals to offer you personalized offers related to the move:
Authorities: We may share your personal information with government or authorities conducting an investigation if required by law. This may include a court order, subpoena, and requirements of legal processes and investigations. We may also disclose your personal information when strictly necessary to prevent, detect or prosecute criminal matters.

How does van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen use mobile devices?

Van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen will be able to offer a version of our regular website specifically adapted for mobile devices in the future. This mobile version will collect and process your personal information in the same way as the website - and they will allow you to send location services to find the desired assistant location.


What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of data placed on your computer by a website. These Privacy and Cookies Terms apply to cookies and similar technology (from here on referred to as "cookies")

Why do websites use cookies?

Websites have no memory. If you surf different pages of the website you will not be recognized as the same user on those pages. Cookies allow your browser to be recognized by the website. In short, cookies are mainly used to remember the choices you make, such as your preferred language. Cookies also ensure that you are recognized when you return to the website.

Do all cookies do the same thing?
No, there are different types of cookies and different ways to use cookies. Cookies can be classified according to their function, life time and the party placing the cookies on a website.

How does van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen use cookies?
The following types of cookies are used on our website:
Technical cookies: We aim to provide our visitors with an advanced and user-friendly website that automatically adapts to their needs and wishes. We use technical cookies to allow you to see our website, for the website to function correctly, to create your user account, to allow you to log in and to manage your inquiry and booking. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to function properly.

Functional cookies: We also use functional cookies to remember your personal preferences and to help you use the website effectively and efficiently, for example, remembering moving details, your search history. These functional cookies are not strictly necessary for the website to function properly, but they add functionality and improve your user experience.

Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to understand how our visitors use the website, to find out what works and what doesn't, to optimize and improve the website and to make sure we are still interesting and relevant. The information we collect is which web pages you visited, which redirect or exit pages you visited and left, which platform type you used, your date and time notation, and details such as the number of clicks you make on a particular page, your mouse movements and scroll movements, the keywords you use and the text you type while using our website. In the future, van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen may also use analytical cookies as part of our online advertising campaigns, in order to gain insight into how users interact with our website after being shown an online advertisement, possibly including advertisements shown on third-party websites. In doing so, we do not know who you are, and only collect anonymous data.

Commercial cookies In the future, van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen may also use third-party vendors and our own cookies to show van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen advertisements. This is called "Retargeting" and is based on your search and browsing behavior on our website, for example on the services you have searched for.

How long do van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen cookies stay active?
The cookies we use have varying lifetimes. The maximum lifetime we use for some is up to five years from your last visit to the website. You can delete all cookies from your browser whenever you want so that no history will be possible.

How can you recognize van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen cookies?
You can find our cookies in your browser settings.

Who has access to the information in the van Riemsdijk Removals cookies?

Only a part of van Riemsdijk Verhuizingen employees and the website administrator Optima Media have access to the cookies. Cookies placed by external companies can be viewed by these external companies.

How can you manage your cookie preferences?

You can indicate in your browser settings in Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome which cookies you want to accept and which you want to refuse. Exactly where these settings are depends on which browser you are using. Use the "Help" function in your browser to find the settings you need.

Contact: How can you manage the personal information you give to van Riemsdijk Removals?
You always have the right to view, edit and/or have removed the personal information we hold about you. You can request an overview of your personal data by sending an email to info@vanriemsdijk.nl. Please put "Edit or delete personal information" in the subject field and include a copy of your ID so that we can prevent individuals from accessing your personal information without authorization.

If the personal information is incorrect, we will update it after you indicate it to us. You can also have your personal information removed from our customer database by sending an email to info@vanriemsdijk.nl  However, we may need to retain certain information for legal or administrative reasons, such as our file for fraudulent activity.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this privacy information, please send an email to info@vanriemsdijk.nl.